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I see through this damned generation
I see only the illusions
This time this blackened deception
You call your dream is dead

You have been born, you have been blessed
By the hands of god, by his own hands
You have been blinded by the maze
You'd betrayed your own friend

Now i feel your presence - i look into your eyes
I will hypnotize you, victomize you
Mezmerize you and leave so paralyzed
So burned down from the inside

Destroying you weak body and controlling your own mind
I have to bring the light to you tonight

It doesn't matter who i am
It doesn't matter where do i dwell
Call me faceless stranger and
Let me go as it will end
See your candle is burning high -
It's shining, nowhere to hide
I have been keeping their flame -
They felt so happy and safe

But i saw throught last damned generation -
There were only the illusions

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