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2 Unlimited

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Date de parution : 01/09/1994

Durée : 0:03:53

Style : Dance

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Sometimes you need to break away
Come on

Get on your feet now, and don't be lazy
Get on your feet now, and let's go crazy
There's sometimes you just need to get away
From the troubles and worries of every day
All you have to do, yeah, you know the trick
First escape in the music

Wow, ah ah, yeah come on! hehh

I mark the spot when the floor gets hot
Creative enough, easy but tough
The life we living strange and rough
All these situations man, i've had enough
We have to escape in the music today
Take it from me dance floor filler ray
We gotta get away, gotta disappear
So release your feet and lend me your ear

Wow yeah
Bang, bang in your face
Bang, bang in your face
Come on
Escape in music
Baby, yeah
Uh uh, yeah, come on

Once you're with the music, it becomes addiction
It fascinates like science fiction
You're on a joyride, the tempo ain't slow
Everybody knows that you got to go
All surrounded by musical notes
The mighty dance floor becomes a road
We gotta get away, we gotta disappear
3-2-1, i'm outta here

We gotta get away, gotta disappear

Don't be lazy, escape in music

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