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Pete Rock And Cl Smooth

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Check the verse in the bible says, man shall never covet
But in your life you put nothing above it, you seem to love it
Invest some stocks to clock what's in my stable
Sweating me like cain sweating abel, you're unstable

You couldn't speak, now what's the fake smile for?
The jealousy, that's why you're feeling so insecure
Used to be by my side but now all i see is pride
On the quest to make lucci, got you open wide

It feels funny, cause it never used to be that way
Remember pr back in the day?
Hey, the number's changed and the crib's a little fatter
But if you was real, you'd see it really wouldn't matter

Check the stat in fact yo, don't ever try to peep this
Don't mistake my kindness for a weakness
The name is pete rock, i'll take you higher than the ism
I'm on a exodus, escapism

Yo, escapism, yo escapism

Yo, check it out

I like to rhyme, no time for silly head games
Strictly known for busting up your head frames
But skins bold, act like they want to know a nigga
Break they neck to show they figure

But yo, you can't gas me up, you can't hype me
Play it cool when it comes to schooling wifey
On the ways of life it's life, checks, and big money
So the next kid will be up on your honey

Sexing your honey, flexing your benz and your money
Playing you like a crash test dummy, so take it from me
'cause when it happens don't say i never told you so
Peep the verbal lessons in the flow

And ayo, you know they style, and yeah i'm here to warn ya
Getting shaky cause i'm coming up on ya
It's pete rock and c.l. smooth on a major pape mission
Rising to the top, escapism

Escapism, yo escapism

Check it out

I'm sitting back, i got the funk on cruise
While you snooze pete rock is steady paying his dues
Putting styles on lock and making beats by the bundle
Scooping more props than bryant gumbal, and staying humble

But then you go and have to act that way
I just hit you off the other day
But this is sick, 'cause here you come with your crew of derelicts
Talking about you need a pair of kicks, or this or that

You hang around 'cause the pockets are fat
But when i'm on 'e' yo, you ain't trying to check for me
You got more game than rugby
You're only stressing the name now that the papes is flowing lovely

So stop searching for idealism
And check the off-beat flow of the soul brother with the realism
Shedding some light just like a prism
You can't wait, you can't fake it, yo, ecapism

Check it out, escapism
Check one, two, escapism
Yo escapism
Check it out

I dedicate this to all my favorite rappers in the music industry
Can't forget my man (incomprehensible)
Heavy d, l l cool j, the guru
Can't forget my man extra p u t
Can't forget my man c l smooth with the place to be
Can't forget my man (incomprehensible)

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