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(verse one: big k.r.i.t.)
Dare i say, player?
Fuchsia alligators
Looking through my eyesight like looking at a skyline
Wi-fi my aura, im so online
Im late enough to be on time
She dived yours and jumped on mine/its pimp pimpin, silk lining
Plush linens, hand stitching
Im picture perfect, hieroglyphic
If she aint down, her homegirl wit it
Turning heads, lock like dreads
Caution, no trickin, just excessive grain grippin
Cup full of drank, blunt rolled, im lane switchin
Me and king tut had the same visions
Either stay home or come with it
Some dig, but most miss it
Im droppin presents for the ungifted
If you was in the lead, the momentum just shifted
A-team, 3 kings, 4 great feats
Name another mississippian on a ski beat
We are the best of the best player
Take you round the world and up like elevators
And they
They try to duplicate us but they could never be that's between you and me
Etc etc
But they could never be that's between you and me

(verse two: curren$y)
Yeah, unhh, im up now, so bitches break trees down
Coffee tables turn
Funny how funny style
Bitches come out niggas like they was pregnant with em
Run with cleats on these beats, i am not slippin'
At your women, febreeze venom, i clean kill em
Green linen, weed so soft i go so hard
Think of new flows in my old school car
Windex, no streaks on my glass house, and i know you won't rest that ass
Bitch, dont get it twisted, hoe, not so fast
Jets in the cut, niggas just collectin like scabs
I smash, brushing my dickies free of the ash
A 7 gram bag, ceramic one hitter in my stash
Not a thread outta place, eyes red, outta space
Drop bread, get out my face


(verse three: smoke dza)
No sucker shit, we gd up, its a boss movement
Just enjoy this shit, fuck you thought, stupid?
Rappers, as if, they all clueless
Cook up skills like a culinary art student
We, get it poppin like we sposed to do
Instead of kissing ass and sucking dick like most of you
Living on your knees, you got no control
Fucking haters, kick rocks with open toes
Lil mama wanna roll with some winners
Cause we got more cheddar and the weed taste better
Big bambooze pack, my vision stay blurry
Weed purple like a lakers away jersey
Plethora flows, plethora hoes
Down to do whatever i like, they dont never oppose
Gold diggers tryna get their purse filled
But i send em straight to voicemail


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