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Buck Owens

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Some people are taking vacations, traveling both far and near
Never stopping to think about jesus, never seeming to have a care
It seems that i cannot be like them, while on earth life's burdens i bear
And i prepare to meet jesus and rest eternally there
Yes someday i'll take a vacation one that never will end
When i'll cross old river jordan my saviour will welcome me in
For me the gates will swing open and i'll have a mansion within
There i will rest up in heaven a rest that never will end.
( guitar )
Yes, some people own fine mansions, some live in much luxury
Never having a thought of ourt saviour, of where they'll spend eternity
And though i cannot be like them, i'm building my mansion on high
Yes someday i'll rest up in heaven, and leave this old cruel world - goodbye

Repeat chorus.

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