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Solace And Stable

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Picture the ocean
Transparent, and lively
The wind is so soft and relieving
But the sun isn't scorching or seething
And we float as no problems seem to weigh us down

It's so ironic, what we have now
Compared to what once was
The mind is strained when comprehending
When hell become our home
It's funny how the struggles of earth
Can further the enjoyment
Of solace in reflection
For those, who held, onto their criticized faith

Now we dwell in riches of heaven.
Luxurious in which hath no containment.
The roads are paved with the golden gods in which man served
To think my place is here now, it's still moving.

Praise be to the king of all kings

The greatest wonders
Of heaven and earth finally revealed
The sanctity
Finally revealed
The beautiful face of god
The model for human life
I feel so blessed
A son of the almighty

And how many times did i turn away
And how many times did i look away
Focused on me, reluctant to see, you were here for me.
Thank you for your embrace
For your mercy
That exceeds my sin
Thank you for making a way

I remember the violent climax
Proceeding the earth's ash burial
At the left of god they approached
Beneath the feet of my god now they suffer

On a horse as white as snow
Away he rode and we followed right behind
Eternal separation
Quarantine from the apple in which infection spread
A celebration now will take place
As i hear the closing of heavens gates.

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