Paroles de Eternity

Jay Nuova

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As i sit here listening to your stories
How can our love be more glory
But surely it could all be made up
Your lies will always get me, it's like a drug
As i stand i'm trying to construct
But your intentions are so obstruct
Your love is addicting like heroine and meth
I can feel your blood pumping through my adrenaline
My mind stays fertile
But my love for you is turning hostile
From the look of your eyes i can see your weakness
It doesn't take a genius
You love like an aquarius but your touch is from venus
I'm gonna keep abstracting to set your feelings free
I'm not gonna stop until i can show you progression
The nature of love turning into aggression
Everyday her name jogs through my mind
My instincts are telling me she's like a martian
She's one of a kind
A consistent connection between us is difficult to find
A history of this connection is currently undefined
Lost in the game like an artist yet to be signed
Maybe it's just me? or maybe i'm just blind
I just want you to be mine
But i think i'm running out of time