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She was a blue eyed girl from the heart of kentucky
Daddy was minister and momma did nothing
They escaped from the hills in an olds 98
For an old piece of shit car it ran pretty straight
She said, "the lord he will give." (and "i will receive")
She goes to church on sunday (and lives as she please.)

I would have liked to be there (if i only knew)
I would have laughed in your face (if i only knew)
I would have cried when i saw it (if i only knew)
I would have liked to be there

Now she had brothers and sisters but not the same daddy
We spent a lot of lonely nights in back of big daddy caddy
It was hard to get away, so that's where we met
Now i've got christopher tracy playing in my head
She said, "you got what you wanted" (is that what you think)
She goes to sleep with no song now (we never speak)


40 acres of dirt and quakers, build your bridges and burn down
Stupid bitch, loves a dick, build your family and burn burn burn

I'll tell the beginning at the end, like a friend i thought you'd be there
Never thought i'd make it out of the house, i'd always be scared
You came into my life, i tried to keep us tight
But i was looking for a mother not lover to make things right.

That's what the doctor told me
What kind of shit is that
You need it just like i do
I'm just trying to get it back

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