Paroles de Even if

Karla Bonoff

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Date de parution : 19/06/1990

Durée : 0:04:03

Style : Pop

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Where have the dreams gone
Where are the love songs
Just a world i used to know
My love has lost you
The cost i would not see
Until i learned something that not free

Even if you took my hand
You couldn't lead me
Even if you touched my heart
I wouldn't cry
Even if you'd understand
It wouldn't free me
Even if you gave me wings
I couldn't fly

Maybe it's growing old
Something starts going cold
And the years just fade away
I used to feel so young
Now all i feel is numb
Played a game nobody ever won


Maybe some day, when you look in my eyes again
You'll find the love never died
If there's a way to break through it all again
And find the life that i left behind


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