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Trash Can Sinatras

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Even the odd one out
Is in with a shout
Weather the term and
Weather the storm

The clumsy climb and
The elegant fall
Even the odd one out
Is in with a shout

That may be the story
That may be the lie
With great ease
With the pole greased
It's down you slide

Must you protest
Till you're blue in the face
(even the odd one)
Or blue in the blood

An ugly greed is the sole need
On a fragile high
But i can't breathe
I just can't seem to acclimatise

It's all coming back to me now
I fell to the ground
And slowly came round
And you stood over me

And you told me it never will be
But don't tell me it never will be
Don't tell me it never, never will be
(even the odd one)

I'm out of my depth
I've come up for air
Show me how to become
The life and soul of something, anything

Show me the film
Of when i was young
I didn't climb trees then
I'm not climbing them now

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