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Connie Smith

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Well even tho you took the sunshine out of my heaven
Even tho you took the twinkle out of my eyes
Oh i will always be in love with you my darling
Even tho i sit and wonder if i'm wise

Now since the day that you first told me that you love me
I have been head over heels in love with you
But now you say our little romance has to end dear
So i walk the floor and wonder what i'll do
Well even tho...

There was a time when in my heart i didn't doubt you
Now i'm never sure of what you say or do
Cause everytime time i put my little arms around you
Something tells me that you're not the same ole you
Well even tho...
( steel - guitar )
Now i can't help it if i seem a little jealous i just feel bad and i'm trying to be sure
But i guess there's nothing wrong with me my darling
That your love and hugs and kisses could endure
Well even tho...

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