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Date de parution : 25/09/2012

Durée : 0:04:23

Style : Soundtrack

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Jesus watches from the wall
But his face is cold as stone
If he loves me
Why do i feel so all alone

Baby savior meek and mild
What do you do with my prayers
If you hear me
Why do i feel that no one cares

God almighty she's only a child
But the woman's waking inside her
She will be lost if her passion runs wild
So i can't let her stumble and fall
As you helped your child divine
Give me the strength to help mine

Mama sees inside my soul
But her face is cold as stone
If she loves me
Why do i feel so all alone
So alone

There's a movement in my head
Saints and angels what can it be
It's growing
It's stirring
It's churning

(spoken) what's happening to me?

(spoken) you can go to bed now.

(spoken) yes mama.

(spoken) it's getting late. say your prayers

(spoken) now i lay me down to sleep

(spoken) pray the lord my soul to keep
If i die before i wake
Pray the lord my soul to take

I never wanted to cause you such pain
But there are times when my life was so frightening
Maybe i do things that i can't explain
But my feelings for you never change
You are still my precious one
Can you forgive what i've done?

Mama you don't need forgiveness from me
Oh i know that you do what you have to
I want to dry all your tears for you see
That i'm sorry for letting you down
God bless me now

Can you look inside your heart

Show me the mercy that you've always shown

(simultaneous with carrie above)
I was wrong
It hurts me
To hurt you
I'd rather die
Than see you suffer
One day you'll bless me, by taking away
Look inside your heart
That's where forgiveness must start

After all

We have no one except each other

I was so afraid that you'd leave me alone
And i'd die if you pushed me away
Promise you'll be here
You're the reason i'm alive
You're my survival
In my life there's only one thing true
I love you

(simultaneous with above carrie) the world outside
That will leave you stranded
You're the reason i'm alive
You're the only reason i'm alive
In my life there's only one thing true
I love (always love)

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