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Rebekka Karijord

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He hands me curious , small, transparent glints
Which tip-toe carefully up and down my spine.
Movements within me , saying.
"come to me , come, come."

His signals send little messengers of lust,
Who bring me all this euphoric happiness.
Movements within me, saying:
"come to me, come , come."

I say his name in my sleep,
And wake from it full of wonder.
Comforted by his breathing , his hand by my nose.
Then i return to my dreams,
And crawl straight into my greatest fears,
-a duel against my ego , my need to be strong :

I will not run anymore!
I think ive finally found
What ive been longing for,
-ill stay here
For ever more

These feelings stir up my selfishness and so
I realize that his presense makes me whole!
Movements within me, saying :
"come to me , come, come."

Far away, hes as close as one can be,
In all i say , all i do ,
He follows me through it,
Within me, saying :
"come to me , come , come."

I wonder, what is to come?
Will i maintain this safety?
Afraid that my dumb confusions will scare him away
But when i, awake by his side,
Sense it again so clearly,
-all i am sighs with pleasure:
"this is ment to be."

I will not run anymore!
I think ive finally found
What i`ve been longing for,
-ill stay here
Forever more

Stay for ever more.
Rest here in my hand.
Stay for ever more.
I will understand.
Stay for ever more.
Come now! come to me!
Stay forever more.
This is ment to be ..

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