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Hey i could use somebody, no not just anybody
And put the roof down; drop the top on my bougotti
I know im talking crazy, i was thinking maybe
You just be my beyonce & i can be your jay z
Pull up to the drive way, open the door you smiling
I think i got you thinking im the one you should be dialing
Blackberys, iphones you be calling me sprint
To the nextal tell them altel weve been good ever since

Ever since x5
Boy you know you got my love, love
Boy you know you got my love, love
Boy you know you got my love, love, love, love, love
Boy you know you got my love, love, x2

Lets leave the lights on, even if its the night time
Cause long as im with you then im knowing that its the right time
Bright lines, i rhyme never kill my vibe
You know im shining in the dark
And you might bark but i just bite,
Were not compatible, doesnt matter though
I want you front row every show
And even though i got no time to spend
I got some money to blow,
I keep some extra os, keep ya necklace froze til the bracelet on your wrist
And the time i spend with you, been feeling good ever since


Yeah and im feeling fine,uh, my conscience mind
Lost inside you, mesmerized me i just dont whats the signs
Uh, mel gibson flow, blast my love no stereo
And you are quite a spectacle i know youre a star
So im just shooting for the moon
And wave to weezy on mars
And if you stay with me in june
Well, in july i want march
And march im back like to the groupies who were there from the start
I mean if life they say is short, then we gon live life at large
So tell me now, shout it out, yeah, about how much you love it
Im falling back into reality, my dreams never haunted
With you right by my side, shot gun bonnie and clyde
In the front seat doing it live, like bill o' before his prime
Take ya time, cause im never gonna ever leave you behind
And if we fall, right to the ground, cause gravity gon bring us down
Promise me you'll stay around, or i'm like ben affleck out that town

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