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Date de parution : 07/10/2013

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Rock

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We hit the highway in the shimmer glare of summer
And past the window all the trees moved by behind her
She tuned the radio til music was around us
A rushing calm around our heart, i knew had found us

It feels so good to me
I have to make you see

Why does this ever have to end?
I know commitment is not the trend
Dont misunderstand what i intend
When i say this doesn't have to end

We washed the dishes knowing everything was alright
And then together in the curtain drifting twilight
I know your laughter shouldn't make me feel so scared
How could i doubt you? i know how much you cared

I hear it when you sigh
But i still dont know why

Why does this ever have to end?
Why cant i give you my heart and hand?
I think youre too scared to understand
This doesn't ever have to end

I see you standing by a window in the hall
Our eyes collide without a single word at all
The record asks, will you still need me when im 64?
I cant imagine that i wouldn't need you more

Too many tears to cry
I just wont let it die

This doesn't ever have to end
Life is so long and my heart wont mend
You are my lover, youre my best friend
This doesn't ever have to end

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