Paroles de Evergreen

The Black Crowes

pochette album Evergreen
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Date de parution : 29/02/2008

Durée : 0:04:21

Style : Rock

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A song ease your lonely
Let my words take your hand
Let me kiss your rose pedals for you and golden van
Let me point out the birds that fly only for you
And i will do anything that you want me to

Evergreen, evergreen, prettiest thing id ever seen
Come and steer away with me by the moonlight (repeat)

When playing my garden come and dance in my rain
Come make love in the sunshine
Come lets share our pain

Come fly thru this darkness
To be right by my side
And lets walk right thru the door
Just to see whats inside


Show me the way
With the words that you say
With the light of love
And the light of your love


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