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The Boyz

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Every night....night and ay i wanna get you here to stay
Think about your positive vibrations
Every night....night and day girl i gone need your anyway
Think about you all the time

(verse 1)
Every day...night and day girl i want you here to stay
Your love is all around never gonna give up
Your baby come to me i just gone set you free
You are the one i need, feels like in heaven


(verse 2)
Every night....night and dayi wanna get you anyway
You are my fantasy, girl, you mean so much to me
My mind is telling me, yeah, you are the one for me
I want you here with me so come and get my loving

Hey baby you're the only one for that i adore
And never let you go
Hey baby i will never give you up my love will never stop
I gonna need your loving


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