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Buddy Guy

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1st verse

Somebody asked me, why i live the blues
I said the blues is all around me; i just find something i can use
And i feel it running through me, but i give it my heart and soul
I practice while im singing; let the feeling take control


Im just tryin to tell the truth
Every time i sing the blues

2nd verse

Might think about a woman and how she done me wrong
I might think about some hard times when i was barely hanging on
I might think about a brother who still cant make things be
Some fallin sisters sellin it on the street



I find my inspiration in tears and desperation
Sad, sad stories we all know so well
Along with one more story to tell


3rd verse

Here i am another night; another town along the way
Room full of people say they wanna hear me play
Yes there was some hard times, my luck cannot survive
It takes a whole lot of livin; to make us all come alive




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