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Brian Chicoine

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The past is gone but the future waits
Is it worth the risk that im about to take
And im all out of reason to deny whats inside
I think i finally believe in true love at first sight

The waters high and it keeps rising
Now its time to decide if i will sink or swim
I start to move a little closer just waiting for my sign
And then i realize weve done this before
It feels like a first kiss every time

Now im caving in from all this pressure that ive found
Try to be perfect for you cause thats the only way i know
So used to spinning in circles, feelings change like the wind
I gotta take a leap of faith and just cannonball in

So now im on my knees looking at your beautiful face
I start with these three words i love you girl it just cannot wait
So wear this ring on your finger, think of me when it shines
She said yes and i stood from the ground
It feels like a first kiss every time

Now our wedding day has finally come true
Im the happiest man alive and its all because of you
Heaven is missing an angel as she walks down the aisle
Her daddys giving me his little girl as she looks up with a smile

Do you take this woman to be lawfully wedded wife?
Will you love her and cherish her for the rest of your life?
I cant believe this is happening i must be out of my mind
With this ring i do thee wed
It feels like a first kiss

Every time were together i feel at home
And i promise you now and forever i will love you more than youve ever known

50 years go by and shes on her dying bed
I looked down at her and i smiled as i said
Its truly been a blessing sharing my life with you babe
Just look at all the things that weve done. the beautiful children that weve made

Her grip gets a little weaker as the hours slip away
Oh i dont know what id do without you everyday
Her final breath is upon her as im saying goodbye
I leaned over and reminisce
It feels like a first kiss every time.

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