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Dannii Minogue

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Date de parution : 08/09/1997

Durée : 0:06:38

Style : Pop

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It's dark and silent
Where am i?
Love surrounds my body
My eyes are closed, but i see
Colors have soothed the soul
Moving as part of this world
Taking it to ...floor
Diving deeper, backened by dolphins
They appear and dance around me
Brushing against my skin, tickling
I swim closer, speaking of thoughts ...are friendly
Where i stand
It's safe beneath the waves

Is this real
Is this real

*everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater
Everybody changes underwater

I come up for air
I just want to prove everything is new ...seems to cool
And fill the water to a garden
Fruit ...from the trees
I reach up and take it
It's ripe, soft, and sweet
I feel there's a long grass
I run my fingers through the blades
Umm...feel inside me
I lie back closing my eyes
The song soothes me
I begin to float, floating higher and higher
Higher and higher


Everybody changes underwater

There's no darkness
Looking down, the world is ...
If i fall, no one will catch me
Space, everywhere i once and ...all
Floating in the small part of the endless universe
I feel glowing starts, poseidon and ...
Someone to ...
A finding light appears
So it's a life i recognize
You reach out your hands
And welcome me like angels

Is this real?
Is this real?

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