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Im not mad
Im just tired and it makes me sad
At least it makes me something different
I hate this place and all these guys
And their fancy clothes
It doesn't seem like music at all

I'll speak the truth so
You know i mean it
I'll take my time so,
You know i mean it
You know i mean it

All the things ive seen
Just sing to me
To convince to me, my deep belief
There is a difference
There is a difference

This place is built of men
People who crush our hope (the things that make it different)
Our eyes, nobody owns
My eyes, just body and soul (it makes no difference)
Would you believe if you dont stand up
And make a difference
And now you really want to wanna burn me
You really wanna but its much easier

You look the same and sound the same
You play the game and i want to misbehave
And im not that different
Im not that different

*inaudible background noise*

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