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Wild Strawberries

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She told me her name was cymbeline
I met her at the corner of church and queen
She was selling lies and other painted things
I hardly even noticed when she touched my ring
She sold me a camera for a song
A silver instamatic made in bonn
Careful with my heart it's not very strong
She wrote that on the border when i was gone
She said that she's going home
And she won't be long
Half a mile from texas
She looked at me and said
Everybody wants you when you're dead
I can drive for hours when i'm wrong
She said it like a preacher before the throng
Careful with your life--it's not very long
We struggle for a moment and then we're gone
I think i'll take her bishop with my queen
The glass is nearly empty and she's asleep
Somewhere in my mind i think i see her weep
Perhaps i'll check the silver before i leave

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