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Everybody moves so fast

Have i seen your face before?
Caught a glimpse then hit the floor
Moving backwards, can't let go
Maybe it was just a taste
Forgotten flavour that i can't replace
Takeing me back

One last time

Everything move so fast
Why won't this moment last?
And carry on till, all that's around us
Explodes into nothing
Nothing but you and me

Floating weightless in the void
Just the whisper of your voice
Washing over holding me
Can you stand and talk a while
Thought that i'd forgotten how to smile
Taking me back

One ast time
Your hand in mine

(repeat chorusu)

I can't find the time to try
For me tomorrow burns away and melts int today
In your eyes i can hide
I'm just losing time

Have i seen your face before
Caught a glimpse and hit the floor
Your taking me back

(repeat chorus x2)

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