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I've seen your face here before
You think you've got it all
But there is so much more
You hit the wall, you fall
And then you learn to crawl again
There's a world to explore

Because there's no danger
Do i look like a stranger?
Just look left, look right
Everybody's doing it

Haven't you seen? everybody's doing it
Where have you been? everybody's doing it
Everybody's doing it now

The party faithful are all here
So join the ranks amongst the
Dance floor volunteers
Because you'll find yourself
In being the same as everybody else
You ain't got a thing to fear

Because it might sting the first time
It's always the first time
Do you feel sick from the pinprick?
Everybody's doing it?

It can't be wrong, everybody's doing it
Just play along, everybody's doing it
Everybody's doing it now
Just get in line, everybody's doing it
Ignore all the signs, everybody's doing it
Everybody's doing it now

Give it a whirl, everybody's trying it
Believe truth of the world
Because everybody's buying it
Everybody's doing it now

And now a word from our sponsors
We've got a miracle cure

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