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The Agonist

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You did me wrong! yeah, you screwed me
But guess what! i win, you lose
How funny, what you show when youve got nothing to prove
Everybody wants you? everybody wants you dead
But i want you right here
To see your face when youve got no one left

Sticky fingers touch the treetops...
Could we collapse them with one slip?
Can you really swear by a reality where miles are measured by inch?
Tonight we are two, dipping toes in flooding puddles
Programmed romance makes us shudder, pictures never grow old
Obviously dusting powdery days off your skin,
Familiar eyes are rabid, transplanted to a strangers skull

How am i to keep you happy, healthy and strong
When you harbor such infection, such scar tissue in your bones
I didnt think dysplasia would so affect it
You know, tonight there is a crime to commit

Im thinking it through im convinced its true
Youre the beach of my attention but the tide is coming in
Will you buckle down like barnacles, a one-time contagion?

Will you passively wade away like layers of pollution?
Or will you still be holding your breath when tides go out again?
What happened to what you thought of me?
I shattered all the imagery
The pretense was a forgery i really am what i present

You know, tonight theres a crime to commit
And im the criminal, victim and punishment

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