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Jessica Simpson

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Date de parution : 09/03/2004

Durée : 0:04:17

Style : Pop

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Sometimes the breaks don't go my way
Sometimes there's no good news today
Sometimes it all just hits the wall
Sometimes i think it's all my fault
But i'm not stressing out
You know, i could be downtown, lost in the crowd
Without even one tiny ray of sunlight
Breaking through the crowds

But i got the sun when i need it
I got the moon
I've got someone i can talk to
'cause i get to everyday see you
I got the sun, got the moon

Raindrops like ice cubes on the ground
And a sound like people talking
There's a lotta things tryin' to keep me down
But i better just keep on walking
'cause i'm not staying here
And looking up at my forecast, it's clear
You wrap me up in blue skies
Whenever you are near

I've got the sun, i've got the moon
I got my best friend
(best that i ever had)
I got a lifeline
(to get me through when it gets bad)
Feels like an angel's following on my heels
Hey, hey, hey, hey
You are my sunshine


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