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Kottonmouth Kings

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Date de parution : 28/08/2007

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Too many bong hits, and not enough time.
A couple vicodins and a bottle of wine.
Two big titties and a dope ass beat.
One blowjob and my day is complete.

Daddy x:
I got a feeling, itching for the flavor
I place a call to my next door neighbor.
He's got a growroom, in full bloom
He said, "drive by, 'round half past noon"
He'd have some tasters, sample the vapors.
We get our heads high like skyscrapers.
I brought the papers and more party favors,
Like biz markie said, "nothin' can save ya."
My girl's trippin, i'm sippin' red wine,
She says that i don't ever spend enough time.
We roll some kind, i press rewind, hit that shit from the front and behind, yeah.
You know the time, the crime rhyme sayer'
A crooked politician, soon i'm gonna be the mayor.
I'll change the laws and this whole jurisdiction
To legalize weed, come and sign the petition.

(chorus x2)

A loadie-dawdie, d-loc came to party
I don't cause no trouble, i don't bother nobody -
We're, just some kings who rock on the mic.
And when we walk up on the mic, we rock the mic right.

You blazin' weed then you down with the set, yeahh.
We got the type of bud that make you forget it.
The type of shit that make you wanna write a rap
Spit a flow, go to bed, and get some head up on the floo' (ohhh!)
Hands up to this old school beat,
Swayin' back and forth from the west to the east
We gettin' high, yeah, we drinkin' our drinks
Got everybody buggin' on the kottonmouth kings
So we dec-a-de, and we keep doin' our thang,
Gettin' down to the boogie, the boogie, the bang bang,
Down to the boogie, the boogie, the bang,
Just an everyday thang, how we do the bang-bang.
(just an everyday thang)

(chorus x2)
Johnny richter:

It's just a everyday (day) thang, around my way (way)
Yo, what you say? (say) well pass me the hay (hay)
See we don't play (play), we smoke out the bay(bay)
The shit that make you crazy:
(oh my god, i'm crazyyyyyyy)
Around noon, i like to get up, fuck, go back to bed
Then at 2, i hit the snooze and get a little head
Around 9, i get the wine and start sippin' the red
The next day, get up, and do it all over again.
It's just a everyday thang around these parts.
Catch me coolin' in my yard with a joint, puffin' hard.
And i always got a beer near by, and close to hand,
A proud king in his castle, lookin' over his land.
Now understand what's good for me might not be right for yourself
Some people pray i go to heaven, others damn me to hell.
But what's a playa 'posed to do, yo, i can only be me,
And for these kottonmouth kings, this is my everyday thang
(it's just an everyday thang)

(chorus x2)

Just an everyday thang, ya'll
Just an everyday, everyday thang (x4)

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