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Date de parution : 17/12/2012

Durée : 0:03:13

Style : Pop

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I cant take anymore of this
My minds made up
I cant get no bliss

Fussing and fighting
I cant stand the lying
Why do you do this
Pushing and pulling
I wish we had never
Had that first kiss

What i dont get are
The things that i cant forget
Your smile most of all
And all the cool things you said

Sake on sunset
With 2 chainz in my head
I never had a chance
Drinking at saddle ranch
Driving your car so fast
You held my hand

But i cant ignore it
The signs are important
You party with every girl
Im not the only one
Better to leave it be
Maybe another day
Smarter to walk away
Im not every girl

Sex on the rooftop
Overlooking hollywood
4th of july
Getting pulled over by the cops
Laughed till we cried


I cant believe that i fell for it
How could you treat me just like them