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Left Boy

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Date de parution : 21/02/2014

Durée : 0:03:25

Style : Pop

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Verse 1:
You used to be,
Real close to me.
You always see,
It all differently.

You're wonderful/you're beautiful,
That's why i fall in love with you,
Every time i see you, walking through my door
I adore everything about you,
It's nothing that you do,
It's just you
And i know everything about you,
And it feels like there's nothing i can do.

I guess, everything flows,
It comes as it goes.

Everything flows,
It comes as it goes.

Verse 2/3:
Every time you call my name/every time you hold my hand,
I want to kiss you on the lips,
And walk down your back with my fingertips,

When you lay your head on my chest,
I can feel your heartbeat press against mine,
Hoping that i'm what's on your mind,
Looking to find a way to make you smile/hoping to make you smile.


Verse 3

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