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Sacrifice For Life

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I started with the pain of shit void
Expect cruelty will vanish with the fight
The fight must be won by the passion of constancy
Tonight we will make a tense night

Mother fucker !

Ohh bitch we're walking to the sky
Bring life the sincerity by damn judgement
Supreme that tarnation with the struggle
What the fuck it just fear rules

It's like a fuckin shit of desire
The struggle for this life and sacrifice
The justice will find the fuckin place where we can do everything without difference of nasty mind

Everything cause everynight .
Gone wild tonight
Everything cause everyone for last

I will never look back cause it just the though of surrenders
Fucking the fate for my this life
I must find the sense of my shit breath
When the end of my sacrifice
I just said fuckin bitch

Are you ( fuck ) fucking my whore ?
Are you ( fuck ) fucking my throat ?

For this my world we must find the faultless but i can't reach this smile
The life did not let it happen to me
My dreams hate everything
But i can't resign my war to ends in vain and dreams become vanish right

We come to the stage bring all and take
To make a laught for this my world and you will feel our passion of me for this my fate

This is fuckin stage !

This song is made of my hurts
Its just not about life
Tonight i will burn everything of fuckin fate
Everything just a story crap
Its about everything for this life

Ohh my destiny become nothing
The god said i must kill this evil
To reach the saintliness
Shatter the difference
Destination to disappear the hatred
Your face like a fuckin shit
My life become the faultless cause i conquered the world