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Houston Davis Jones

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Chasing strings to what ends?
Each thought extends beyond our scope to see
Just like light speed: cant reach or exceed
What there is is only whats inside the frame
Can the painting see the painter?
Or recognize his name?
Watch our own palette building
Expanding day by day
Till the point when we can fill our
Own little picture frame with life

Trace back, back track
Cant escape through the basement
Building burning down in vacuum without sound
What is there to do? what else can we do but jump?
Someday you will find your efforts were in vain and
All your money spent has only bought you pain
Every person that you laughed at now is crying
All the people that you used to say were lying
Truly had the answer really held the key
To saving all existence every conscious being
Could live here then and now or there and when and
In between the bridge of life that keeps us all from seeing
Everything forever every place at any time

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