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(intro - big sean)
If i want it
If i believe i can have it
Then that's my reality
I'll attract it

(hook : jay-z)
Everything i seen made me everything i am
Everything i do i'm a man behind mine
(throw your hands in the air) and stand behind mine
Everything i seen made me everything i am
(i you're real as me)
And stand behind mine
Everything i do i'm a man behind mine

(verse 1 : logic)
Visionary the second coming of roc-a-fella
Resurrecting the real like holograms at coachella
From maryland where they throwing up signs like hellen keller
Cutting records like helicopter propellers that propell us to the sky
While these motherfuckers wondering why we get high
Never knowin' imma be flowin' 'till the day i die
Livin' life followin' my dreams, everything ain't what it seems
Everything ain't what it seems, when you're climbing to the top
Label asking for my album, the single ain't even drop
But the fans anticipating greatness can't fuck with fakeness
Rattpack until i d.i.e that's where i'm finna take this
V's up motherfucker let me get it right now, sorry for my lateness
I dedicate this to all the people that love that hate us
Never mistake us i'm getting money but keep it real
And got my eyes on a diamond like i'm a centre field
Motherfucker how i feel

(verse 2 : pricetag)
Still at the intro, my "i'm tryna convince flow"
Getting it how i live through rhymes written with pencils
Time stuck in the interm, dreaming of living better
I'm nagina market, questions like "how we get this cheddar?"
Breeding this lettuce, if you don't give it up i'm takin' it
I'm in love, had a date with fate now i'm facin' it
Fuck niggas away from me, baby mothers waivering
Little momma like your son home, just embrace the kid
Cause i'll be here for a minute like i'm going 60 seconds
Every time you hear a record and it's great, think of me
How many song they got sound same 53
Who gon' save the game, shit that shouldn't be a mystery
We the plug, that's the team, clean the guns, pack the beam
I the skull *badabing* and they gone
All that weak shit exposed get it buried
Said a word and i'm releasing the levee

(verse 3 : oktane)
Boy, i used to practice my autograph in class nigga
I guess i always knew i would be that nigga
They want you to second guess they want you to doubt
So we just became the kids that our parents warned us about
Wanted to bounce from the crib soon as i graduated school
Was there shit else i could learn, i had to make my own rules
I hit the streets with them young mechanics
That was holding them too
You disrespect them son in their hood and get screwed
Nigga now move!, now tell me who wanna fuck with us
Ash it and pass it, fuck a dutch
I smoke through the glass then i'm up
I feel it in my chest, boy i ain't no stressed
Boy this is chess motherfuck the rest
(who are the best from the westside)
Now let's ride down to cali streets
Where them babies ain't nourished
Young niggas gone ride, cause them niggas got courage
Screaming for help but nobody's heard it
The streets ain't got service
Get rich or live trying word to curtis i gotta flow it (?)
Man i earned it better learn it from my name down to the block
I'm a product of the i.e. blink 182 and pac
And it ain't no kinda stop button
Your fade back and you stop frontin'
When you realise i'd die for this and you ain't ready to pop
Off shots to take your shit to the top so just let it go
See i puffing on medical with your girl as my passenger ride
I advise you to let her go, talking crazy but the (?)
I'm holding paper like the backpacks do
It's b.o.w. with the rattpack crew nigga what!

(hook) x2

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