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Clint Black

pochette album Everything i need
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Date de parution : 04/03/2004

Durée : 0:04:14

Style : Country

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Everything i need all depends on you
Everything i want is everything you do
It's been handed down through time
It's really nothing new
Boy meets girl, i meet you
A love song that could never be untrue

All i need is everyting i want
It's a fundamental greed
All i need is everything you flaunt
That's a language i can read
All i need is everything i want
And that makes you everything i need

Everything i need is on my one-track mind
Everything i want is where i draw the line
I'll take all you've got to give
Spend up all your precious time
You can't undo the ties that bind
Or hide the moon that needs the sun to shine


Everything i need can't get it on tv
Everything i need is absolutely free
Everything i need is pure biology
That will bring me to my bended knee
My craving you will sweetly torture me


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