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I use to think that love was for dreamers,
"love at first sight" i never believed it,
Had my head on tight, i lived in the real world,
But that was until i met you.
Now everything is changed.


Yesterday i was drinking my sorrows away,
On the edge of forever storing my heart away,
On the verge of letting my heart go stray.
And that's when i met you.
And now everything is changed.



Oh darling,
You look like your soul is lost.
What could've happened to make you feel so low?
Don't let the liquor ease your hurt.
Don't let your heart go cold.


Oh darling,
Don't worry, i'll be just fine.
What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?
If i werent drinking then i'd be crying,
And i think that's something we both rather miss.


But i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles,
You give your all and watch as your heart tumbles
Down and down until you can't feel anymore.



Thats the thing about love,
Thats the reason why ill never fall again,
It hurts when its supposed to make you make you feel good.


Well if thats what love is,
Then i dont ever wanna try it out,
But something tells me i should.

Even though weve only met each other,
Well work it out together until everything is changed.
Until everything is good.

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