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The Gathering Field

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Well the check's in the mail, might get there by monday
And i got two children, i might see them one day
And i keep on drinking even though i quit
Sobriety'd be fine if i got the hang of it

And i done things i ain't told nobody
A heart once peaceful and dry has turned muddy
And perfection's nowhere in sight

Everything is all right
Everything is all right

So the snow starts to falling somewhere around midnight
But i ain't driving so i guess i'm all right
And i got a letter today from an old friend
And he told me he was a single man again.

And i got people and places to choose
The size of my women, the price of my booze
And who i'll go home with tonight


Well i got some sad regrets
Things i won't soon forget
But i'll still sail to the sunset


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