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Date de parution : 17/06/2008

Durée : 0:04:26

Style : Rock

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Everything's fucked again
Well, those are harsh words my friend
Just tell me some things never change
Just tell me we're 2000

Everything's fucked again
But go back to sleep my good friends
You don't think they'd ever let us down?
You don't think that we'd remember?

Everything's fucked again
But don't let it get ya my friends
Just tell me it's the first time
No tamagotchi headline

Everything's fucked again?
But then what the hell would i know?
It's just millennial dementia
Just my stupid magazines

We got nothing to see
We got nothing to do
We got nothing to take
We got nothing to lose

And there's nothing we like
And there's nothing we need
You got nothing to say
'cause i'm telling you everything's fucked

Everything's fucked again
Well, these are dark days my friend
Just tell me all those pretty lies
Protect me from the downsized

Everything's fucked again
But we'll play out happy to the end
We'll all be paid in kind
No contributions this time

But don't let it get you down
'cause we'll put it back the next time
Just don't let it get you down

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