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Hope Faith Ricardo

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It's moments, moments like these,
I wish i could sleep,
And never wake up to all these freaks

Trying, but not hard enough,
I would try hard but it's so fucking tough
To live

These feelings, bottled up,
And i
Really can't seem to win,
I hate so much, yet i seem to be in love
With such emotions that tear me down

I frown and i cry
And laugh, and die,
Everytime it comes i try
So hard
To hide,
But it's impossible

A little more, deeper down,
Never trying to turn things around
Cus i know it's not worth it
But hey! is it ever worth it?

Too much
Fills my brain to the max and i,
I feel, know,
That i'm reaching it, so,
I reach out, but it's hopeless,
I'm the biggest fucking mess
I fucking wish the world would shut down

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