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Snoop Dogg

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Go help yourself fucker
(son of a bitch)
I know tha eastsidaz
Them some bad motherfuckers

Swizz beatz up in the motherfuckin' dogghouse
Eastsidaz, shit, you know this finna be a monster

(everywhere i go)
Got niggas talkin' shit, bitches on my dick
Stayin' so swift, buckin' this shit
Beat made by swizz, so you niggas can't trip 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
Niggas give me props, bitches give me cock
Hustlers on the block, buster's gettin' shot
Playa haters jock and pray that they got cop 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
I'm quick to start strappin', down for straight jackin'
Don't ask me what happened if ya gun start clappin'
Nigga, i was rappin' while you was actin' 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
Real niggas postin', gettin' drunk, smokin'
Khaki chucks spokin', pistol grip totin'
Always go for broke and love livin' life motive

(everywhere i go)
Everywhere i go, i see we just rubbin' off
On the whole motherfuckin' game

(everywhere i go)
Some be hatin', some roll gatin'
Most be fakin' so they get they hoes taken
Since i don't be tastin' you hoes, i'll be shakin 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
I see thick ass bitches, big ass switchin'
Quick cash pimpin', swift ass kickin's
Zig-zag twistin', fifth glass sippin'

(everywhere i go)
Don't get quiet, niggas start a riot
Take off like hollies, young gangsta try it
In it for the highs, you can't deny it, man

(everywhere i go)
Motherfuckers tryin' to bang, niggas runnin' game
Suckas gettin' played, player bitches gettin' paid
Said gangster everyday, place the snitches in their grave

(everywhere i go)
Yeah, somebody thought the game was dead
The game ain't dead these niggas is scared

(everywhere i go)
Packed up cells, dirty-ass jails
Sneaky ass snails, hot like hell
Funky shit that smell, clean your fingernails, man

(everywhere i go)
Redneck cops, x pills pop
Banned x boxes and yoke gettin' shopped
Stacks gettin' clocked and 'lacs gettin' dropped

(everywhere i go)
Gone off hennessey, bitches next to me
Takin' some ecstasy, want some sex from me
It's all g, nigga, can't you see? 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
Cars full of sets, marks gettin' checked
Hard niggas vets, bullets scars on they chest
Start tryna test, i hope the lord got ya blessed, nigga

(everywhere i go)
From spain to maine, we here to change the game
Ain't a motherfuckin' thang changed, you know what i'm sayin', man?

(everywhere i go)
Make this motherfucker jump, let the bitches get crunk
I got a room at the trump, later on we can slump
Let the speakers thump and watch these hoes thump 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
Niggas serve zones, niggas swerve chrome
Bitches turn wrong, get other bitches turned me on
Think it ain't sold then ya musta heard it wrong

(everywhere i go)
Bailin' through the streets, always catch me with some heat
On my way to buck a freak, back up we fuck the heat
In and out of sheets while ya ass be asleep 'cuz

(everywhere i go)
I stand on the set, demand my respect
My hand on the tech or the magnum on deck
You ain't gotta guess, i represent it to the death, nigga

(everywhere i go)
Everywhere i go, everywhere i go
Every motherfuckin' where, everywhere we go

(everywhere i go)
Put ya motherfuckin' cups down, nigga
It's goin' down up in this motherfucker
Swizz beatz, ruff rydin, eastsidaz

(everywhere i go)
Yeah, yeah, a little somethin'
For all my niggas down in the dirty, dirty
All my niggas on the bs, yeah, yeah, nigga

(everywhere i go)
Every motherfuckin' where i go
I keep that bomb ass weed on me
Yeah, got a bad bitch waitin' for me in the hotel room
(everywhere i go)

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