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Bran Van 3000

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Date de parution : 04/11/2014

Durée : 0:03:55

Style : French Pop

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As long as we're getting a bit technical
I'd like to remind you that
Most women and children can perceive
Higher frequencies of sound than most men

Everywhere i see your faces
Everywhere you sing your smile
And everytime you're not around
Doesn't matter 'cause you're everywhere to me

Everyone you've ever known counts on you
Waits for you to come through
Don't you know that you're gonna break through?

And everywhere you came and left
You came in the name of love
And left a wake of happiness and tenderness
And sweet conflict, sweet conflict

You hang around, you come on down
You come on down
And it's on and on and on and on
It's on, it goes on

You hang around, you come on down
And you don't come on down

Whispering, whispering
Whispering your name

You're everywhere, everywhere
Everywhere to me
Everywhere, everywhere
Everywhere to me

Calling, calling, i'm calling your number
Calling, i'm calling your number
Calling, i'm calling your number
Calling your number, i'm calling your number, calling

You're everywhere
You're everywhere to me
Everywhere to me

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