Paroles de Everywhere

Mark Schultz

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Date de parution : 14/10/2003

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Christian & Gospel

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I was thinking of placing an ad
Inside a magazine so i could find you
I was picking up book after book
Taking a look
At trying to define you
I was lookin' for proof of your life
Wondering why
I couldn't verify you

Then you came and you spoke to my heart
Now i see
Where you are...

You're every
Time i turn around
In every sound
You're in the very air i breathe
You're up above
And now i know
You're in my soul
You're in the very depths of me
And every step i take
I take by faith
Oh and now i see

I believe
I believe
I believe
Yes, i believe
I believe
I believe
That you're everywhere

I was checking the best seller list
For something i missed
To spiritualize me
I was following step after step
Trying my best
To reinvent a new me
I was looking for truth in my life
I even tried
To psychoanalyze me
Now i'm seeing right from the start
You were there
In my heart


I believe in the power of the holy ghost
I believe in the one who has made me whole
I believe with my heart
I believe with my soul
I believe that you laid down your life for me
I believe that you rose up and set me free
I believe what i know
Oh and i know i believe
You're everywhere


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