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Trnqvist Rebecka

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It's one of those strange days when i just can't get out of bed,
And thoughts of ever warm and sunny places fill my head
The lady upstairs sings the habanera now and then,
She seems to be quite happy, she sees a lot of men
I waited for the plumber all day
Yesterday - i guess
I'll have to do my dishes in the tub
I ran to you a thousand times, but you were never there
I thought that if i saw you once, i'd know if you still care
I looked for you around the world, no you were never there
If home is where the heart is, dear, my home was everywhere,
There's someone down there on the street
Who's stealing someone's car
I hope he gets away with it
I hope he gets real far
I went to see a show but then of course
They're all sold out
I wish someone could tell me
What the fuss is all about
And why the days are tinged
With such a melancholy shade
And why she sings the habanera
I ran to you a thousand times...
Everywhere, everywhere...

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