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Brian Mcknight

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Never say goodbye

(verse 1)
When i see you, i see me
Youre everywhere, everywhere i want to be
When im with you, it feels so right
I want to be with you, for the rest of my life
So come to me and take me as i am
For always starts right now

Youve given up your heart to me
Youre all i want
Its so hard to believe
That i cant stop from crying
When you walk down the aisle to me
Everyone will know that youre more than just a part of me
And we will be together.
Forever we will never say goodbye

(verse 2)
You got my heart you know that
Weve come to far and there is no turning back
This isnt fate its destiny
This is the way it was meant to be
So come to me, take me as i am
For always starts right now


If i give my best to you (if i give my best to you)
If you give your best to me (if you give your best to me)
The love we share today, well share tomorrow
But there are no guarantees but if you feel like me
Then youll never be lonely again.


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