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Vicious Crusade

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Hypocrite, public cheat,
The one for seat, votes' hunter.
Nose to the wind i please them all, stay afloat.
I'm your friend until you fall-your defeat's my gloat.
Ignore the moral and betray the vows you made,
Fair is the faul play it makes the grade.

Lie is every word you say,
Lie-your guide on vile way,
Lie-success of your career,
Lie, so barefaced so clear.

Rancour's while, the endless guide,
Bloody style, brawl for power.
Vote for me, trust my lie blind defender,
I'll send your sons on war to die for my grandeur.
Sow dissension in the nation, despondency,
Make you hunger in privation, misery,


Raped the trust, eyes in dust,
Time of lust, liars' elections.
Choice is made, you vote for lie, exaltation,
See you proudly glority his domination,
Cheated by his scurry show, weak-willed fool,
Bow bondservant to your fee, be proud he rules.


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