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Date de parution : 16/03/2004

Durée : 0:01:36

Style : Rock

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(musick - matt harvey, derrel houdashelt; lyrixxx - matt harvey, 1992)

Gnawing the stools, i masticate with fervor, enthusiastically i ingest the
Discharge of your gaping anus, anal disgorgement of steaming bits of meat...
Each smelly mouthful i devour, your rectum is now going sour... i divulge
The latent feast of your colon, as my drill gouges an avenue of
Ano-obliteration... steaming fecal morsels expelled, chunks of watery
Bloodied stool, your salivating sphincter is throbbing, as i begin to
Heartily drool... shredded chunks of your buttocks, your gaping anus is
Ground and mulched, as you are made to excrete your innards, your pulsating
Sphincter emits a septic belch... sanguineous anal discharge... loosened
Bowel segments, your colon hemorraghing in fecal fistula, this disemboweling
Enema, turns your anus inside-out...

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