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pochette album Execution by x-mas lights
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Date de parution : 09/11/2002

Durée : 0:03:54

Style : Pop

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Conjure up what you may find
Cause it's soon; i can see you behind me
Count all your 12-step tries
And if the consequence could speak out loud
I can only pick up vibrations
So get in line
And fortify
See, it's just time to you're out
And scream from the top of the moon
One more time

I'm pulling out the sting of control
Washing your hands from the methadone
Like a time bomb on reset
You see, the execution by x-mas lights
Seems to have its own irony

So get in line
And fortify
Take all of your tiny wishes
And dump them all overboard
With me tonight

So drop that cherry bomb
And leave the helmet of lies
There's a new rush that is waiting to meet you tonight
But i may choose to leave at once
When there's no one begging me to come around
Begging me to come around

Sha na na na

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