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Dae Bryson

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(verse 1: dae bryson)

Imma do it like im the last motherfucker in this game
Aint gon rap bout a bitch i rap bout a change
Heres a toast to them haters who will bring the fame
They see me ballin they goin insane
But ill keep doin my thing spreading my wings
Flying high up in the sky
Living like im the king
Now kid you know
Its how it its
Its called it the fast life
You know no sweat no strings just dreams
You wont ever get to fuck wit my team
We livin in a city where things are never what they seem
But one ting is clear
When them ladies hear my voice there pussies melting like its ice cream
Real talk
I wont stop
They know my flow is accurate like a clock yeah
Sometimes its good to cut the loss
When you exhale all your demons you be living like a boss

(hook: joel faviere)

I keep a lot of things.
Locked up inside of me.
This dreams,
Hauntin' me.
I just want to sleep.

(verse 2: mckinley dixon)

No disrespect to the king at the time,
But my brains kurt cobane,
Blow yours out,tryna read my mind,
Devil on my shoulder following me,
Everywhere i go,
Like kid cudi when he was in the day and night video,
I wouldn't change it for the world ha,
I wouldn't change it for the world
But i've been absent from the game,
Just like my name was earl,
So i'm gonna tell you a story about alittle girl,
The bright lights had her sold,
But remember:
Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold
And just cause that cali heat
Doen't mean hollyhood ain't cold
Wanted to be an actress and do anything for that role
Until she fell
Devil bought her soul
For half price
On sale
Demons in her shadow
Tell her they mean well
She just ignores them
Puts that cigarette to her lips and just exhales

(outtro: joel faviere & dae bryson)

I keep a lot of things.
Locked up inside of me

(flk we are the fast life kids everything we do is
To follow our dreams)


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