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The Maybe Crazy

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At night, that ghost comes to haunt you
Hes here to clean these tears fallen on your floor
At day, the sun tries to rise
But he cannot shine enough to dry your eyes

At night, you try to imagine
How better could be your life
At day, you try not to think
Cause the only thought youd be happy
Makes you sad

Everyone that you know
They seem to shun you
Everywhere that you go
Youre so scared

But this cannot continue
You cannot continue to live like that
Youre exhausted, by your own life
Youre exhausted, by your own life

You want to breath, but the air is too cold
You want to abandon, cause you are so bored
You try to muddle through
But as everytime, unfortunately you fail again

You feel demotivated
You feel betrayed
By this whole world you cannot fit in

Whoever that you meet
They seem to shun you
Whatever that you do
It seems to be wrong

Stop this by yourself
You dont need anyone
Youre exhausted by everything
Youre exhausted by everything

Everyday, you wake up ,
You still feel lonely.
Everynight, when you cry.
You're alone