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Rotting Christ

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Date de parution : 20/01/1998

Durée : 0:05:07

Style : Heavy Metal

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Fallen in decay
Inflowing shades
The oppressed revolt
Removed in dark spheres
Once exiled
In abyssia
Iria, uthopia, come here
Believe in us and be like us
Taste the lusts and feed revenge
For those who dare exile you
Release all wrath, feel it
You're in the sixth communion
Never forget what happened
As marked you arrived
Since now
I name you under our cult
Enter the tunnel
Emit no emotion
Engaged with our hierarchy
Keep the mystic way to go
All father's treasure
The upcoming mighty contract
The sight of therion
Illumination of darkness
Angels who embraced
Attached to underworld
Proselytized in the land
They refuge
Exiled now survived
Exiled be opposed
Immigration in the abyss
Immense to the heart

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