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Agnostic Front

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They told me when i was young that i would change
What i once saw would become like everything else
The same -
The open eyes of youth would close down just to cracks
I would - never again see the real world
Just like the rest, i'd turn my back
I told them once when i was young
That it was too late for me to change
I couldn't ignore the facts
The reality that brought this incredible pain

Scars within my flesh and soul
Stayed just for show
Seeing, i felt and saw things
Others could never know
They tell me now to turn my head
So that i may rest at peace
But ignoring the things that i know
Would be living a life of deceit
The perversion of love and the power of hate
Lie deep inside my head
I can't turn to ignorance -
The life of the wordly blind

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