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Puzzled and confused about this mistery called life.
Can you tell me why all this is happening?
Everything around us is building up.
Just to collapse in half the time it was constructed.

I'm afraid to be swallowed by the sands of time.
Anxious to be a small part of a fading world.
Can you show me the direction i have to go?
All the things surrounding us are but vain constructions.

The question i'm pondering about is quickly asked:
"why are we here?"- it may sound ridiculous to you.
But it is of concern to me. i want to know my place,
My place in this game, in this jigsaw called existence.

In this jigsaw called existence!!!

One solid piece of truth i've already found for me.
Death is undeniable and a fact you won't be able to escape.
Drown in the blood you've spilled!
I will hold my head up high until the end arrives.

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